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Our Story | Nighslee®

Who we are

Beginning in Springvale, Victoria in Australia, Nighslee is a young, online e-commerce company passionate on providing world-leading bedroom solutions to everyone.

Sleep better

We believe the superpower of sleep can change our lives by offering the one true bedroom solution towards sleeping well at night.

From the style to the mood and the quality of sleep, we've driven all of our passion for the best products you need for a good night’s sleep.

We have been there before:
  • Shifty Salesmen
  • Greedy Owners
  • No time to test the product
  • Tossing and turning at night because the mattress doesn’t suit you
  • Waking up sore
  • Overpriced, subpar mattresses
  • Stuck at home with many so-called "BEST OFFER!"
  • Ruining your sleep by quality changes after testing in the showroom.
We've done the heavy lifting and made everything easier

100-Night Sleep Trial

Try your mattress for 100 nights. 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed

10-Year Warranty

Nighslee mattress comes with 10-years warranty. Sleep worry-free for the next decade

Free Shipping and Returns

FREE shipping and if you don't like it, we'll take it back. No hidden cost

Award-winning Customer Service

Available 7 Day a Week, 24 Hours

World-leading Manufacturing
  • With Nighslee, quality is our first priority by only working with the world-leading manufacturer in the world.

  • Our production follows strict quality and production procedures, in accordance to certified affiliations.

  • With Nighslee,Under our strict quality assurance standards, we test and try our products and materials before moving forward in production.

Helpful FAQs
Let's finish the sleep