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4 Things To Consider When Buying A New Mattress

2018-09-25 Mattress 1693

Mattresses play a key role in how well we sleep, even our physical and psychological conditions. Whether your bed is comfortable, or not, mostly depends on the mattress. A comfortable mattress will help us keep in good health, but a not so comfortable mattress will lead to backaches, spinal disease or other serious illnesses. Therefore, buying a mattress which is right for us is of great importance. But many mattresses out there waiting for us to buy, what should we consider when buying a mattress?

 1. What mattress type do you need?

2. What comfort level is right for you?

3. What position do you sleep in?

4. Which kind of mattress size is best for you?

Before buying a new mattress or replacing the old one in your house, you can consider these questions first to do you a great favor in selecting the right mattress. Now let’s see the details of – what you should know first.


What Mattress Types Do You Need?


Innerspring mattresses are the most traditional type and most popular mattress which is constructed with interlocked spring coils. It will provide a firmer feel and it is almost non-adjustable.

  • Good elasticity, supportability, gas permeability and durability
  • May cause back pain and shoulder pain for a long time

Memory Foam

 Memory foam is also known as ‘visco-elastic’ foam which has the ability to offer soft and conforming support around your body. But they do run warmer than innerspring mattresses. It may be too warm and soft to those who want to sleep cooler and firmer.

  • Soft and comfortable
  • Too soft, not suitable for the elderly and children


The hybrid mattress is a perfect combination of both foam and spring technologies to offer support and a soft sleep surface. This mattress is less expensive than a memory foam mattress. But it will compromise on mattress feel or firmness.

  • Offer support and a soft sleep surface
  • Memory foam has heat storage characteristics, so sleep hot in summer

Cool Gel Memory Foam

This kind of mattress is one of the most popular mattress types these days which will deliver all the benefits of traditional memory foam. It will improve air circulation and keep a cool sleeping surface all the nights, it can make your body surface temperature -6°C

  • Sleep cool, soft and comfortable


What comfort level is right for you?

mattress comfort level


This mattress type will provide a supportive and comfortable feel to most back sleepers who prefer firmness underneath them, but it still gives the feeling as you are sleeping on a hard or carpeted floor.

Cushion Firm

Cushion firm mattresses still deliver a firm sleeping surface but the added padding will give a softer and more comfortable feeling. These mattresses are suitable for back sleepers, stomach sleepers, and some side sleepers.


A plush mattress will give you a softer and more comfortable sleeping surface and offer you a deep-down firm feel. It is the ideal choice for back and side sleepers who need less firm but more softness.

Ultra Plush

This is the highest and softest level of comfort. It will make you feel like sleeping on a cloud and you will sink into the plush sleeping surface. The comfort range may be right for side sleepers and the few back sleepers who want to relieve pressure, but too soft for stomach sleepers.


What position do you sleep in?

sleep position on mattress


If you sleep on your back, the medium-firm mattress is right for you as it is not too firm or too soft. Those who suffer from spinal problems are advised to sleep this way for better posture and alignment and relieve pressure joints from your bones and joints.


Side sleepers need the softer level of comfort, so the soft foam mattress such as cool gel memory foam mattress is the right choice. These kinds of sleepers require something snug which will reduce pressure off the shoulders and hips. The softer mattress will allow side sleepers’ body to completely sink in relieve neck discomfort and joint pain.


The stomach sleepers often have lower back pain and stiffness, so the typical innerspring or memory foam mattress is the perfect choice to alleviate these kinds of problems and correct spinal alignment.


Which kind of mattress size is best for you?

mattress size information

Twin Size

This kind of mattress, known as a single mattress, which is 38 inches wide and 75 inches long, is perfect for those who sleep alone, such as single adults. And also suitable for most kids sleep on from toddlerhood through the teen years.

  • Designed for single sleepers
  • Smallest standard mattress size
  • Most affordable standard mattress size

Twin XL Size

It is only slightly longer than twin size mattress and doesn’t offer any more width than the traditional twin, but the twin XL mattress will give teenagers and young ones more space to stretch out even in a small room or space is at a premium.

  • Designed for single sleepers
  • Extra long
  • Most affordable size for tall individuals

Full Size

 The full-size mattress, with 54” x 75” dimensions, also referred to as a double, will offer a good amount of space for single sleepers, growing children, and teens to sleep, read and sit, but a little bit small for couples.

  • Designed for single sleepers
  • Wider than the Twin

Queen Size

At 60” x 80”, queen mattresses are ideal for adults sleeping alone who don’t want to compromise on sleeping area or sleepers who share your bed with a partner such as couples. These mattresses are one of the most popular bed sizes in the US right now.

  • Designed for couples
  • Most affordable size for couples

King Size

 King size mattresses take 16 inches of width over a queen mattress and have the same length as queen size, measuring 76” x 80”. It will offer a generous amount of space and is ideal for couples to move around including sleep, lie and read. And
sharing the bed with pets or young children will be possible.

  • Designed for couples
  • Most spacious standard mattress size


The above factors are only a piece of what we need to think about when buying a mattress, there are still other things we should consider, such as how much we want to pay, how large the bedroom is, whether the seller has some special offers and the after-sales service we will get. But we still hope these will help you find your comfortable and cool mattress.



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