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Back To School Cool Gel Mattress Sale

2019-01-11 Mattress 1791

The time has finally come for a new bed, or more importantly, a good night’s sleep, especially during the ‘Back to School’ season. However, finding a mattress is quite complex and mind-numbing process, as we are faced with so many retailers or online shops. Even this moment, you are still staring at the screen wondering which of these plushy rectangles is for you or your loved ones. If you are shopping for a sale during the ‘back to school’ season, see what makes the Nighslee Mattress different.

Back To School Cool Gel Mattress Sale

Back to School Season

All schools and colleges in the united states observe all federal, state and local holidays including the cultural and religious holidays – Thanksgiving holiday, Christmas break, Autumn break, Winter break, Spring vacation, Summer vacation. But the dates of these holidays are defined by individual school districts.

The Christmas holiday is one these breaks which lasts one or two weeks, but varies in length per school. Christmas break usually starts on the third Saturday of December and ends a day or two after New Year’ Day.

After the festival break is over, students are preparing to return to school. In the United States, the public school typically have 180 school days in a school year, whereas, colleges and universities are often shorter. Private schools are likely to have classes for 170 days each year. Before students are back in the classroom, their parents start sweating to buy school supplies and other essentials for the coming school days.


Mattress Roles in Students’ School Life

During this time, many parents always worry whether their son or daughter is able to get enough sleep after heading off to school, especially for those who are starting their first year of school or college. Therefore, mattresses become an important part of back to school shopping lists.

Kids in school or college should regularly sleep 8 to 10 hours per day for good health, as sleep is one of the most important factors towards their mood, focus, and overall health. Adequate sleep is essential to maintain energy, thought process and more. Finally, a good mattress and bedding are an important part of that great night’s sleep for every school student.

Research has shown that not getting enough sleep is common among school or college students. And it is often associated with several health risks including being overweight, drinking alcohol, smoking tobacco, and using drugs, not mention, poor academic performance. On this occasion, choosing a good mattress which is properly fit for each student appears to be particularly important.


Sleep Better on Nighslee Mattress and Pillow


Nighslee back to school mattress sale

                                                                  Nighslee 10 inch Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress In Box

A great mattress and bedding are the foundation of good sleep. But when it comes to buying a mattress, you may be overwhelmed with options. Whatever your situation, you should find a mattress which fits your needs and helps your children get a good night’s sleep to take on the challenges of school life.

Nighslee comes out at the right moment, along with customized comfort and support, during the back to school mattress sale period. Knowing that you will spend plenty on school supplies this back to school season, all our mattresses are on sale with the price reduced by $120. Better still, you will get a free shredded foam pillow with your purchase.

At Nighslee, we offer a great selection of mattress sizes, so you can choose from a range of mattresses to suit your bedroom, and enjoy quality sleep no matter where you are living.



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