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Do Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattresses Really Work?

2019-03-06 Mattress 5077

Memory Foam mattresses are recently very popular among buyers. But these mattresses are often complained about for being too hot at night to have a deep and sound sleep. After sleeping on these types of mattresses, we may suffer from various problems. For example, often waking up several times during the night, feeling frustrated and having neck or back pains after one night. A lack of sleep will also lead to serious health problems in the long run.

Do Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattresses Really Work

Thus, cool gel memory foam mattresses have emerged at the right moment, which offer extra comfort, support and coolness to contribute to a comfortable sleep the whole night. By sleeping on a gel foam mattress, you will not wake up in the middle of the night or feel fatigued during the daytime. But, do these types of beds really deliver what they claim? Let’s dig a little deeper and see the true facts.


Does Gel Memory Foam Really Keep You Cool?

When talking about cool gel memory foam mattresses, the memory foam must be mentioned, as it is an essential part of gel memory foam mattresses. Memory foam mattresses were derived from a material NASA developed in the middle of the 60s and it delivers us the sense that if you are sleeping on it and your partner moves around, you won’t feel it.

Memory foam, often known as visco-elastic foam, which has chemicals infused into it to increase the density and viscosity, will act on our body heat, making the foam softened and formed to your body. But almost 9% of memory foam mattress owners report the issue of sleeping too hot or overheating due to their mattresses.

Therefore, cool gel memory foam has been developed to combat the heat issue and while still retaining the advantages of memory foam. It was officially launched on the market in 2006 and developed, patented by Peterson Chemical Technology.

Gel mattresses use foam containing gel particles or beads in the mattress’s support system, upholstery layers, or both. The gel microbeads are added to the foam to regulate sleep temperature and increase the density of the mattress. All the while offering a different comfort and feel for you while you sleep. It will be easier to understand the theory of cool gel mattresses while thinking of ice packs used for injuries and keeping foods cool. 

From the above information, we can see that Cool Gel Memory Foam has a very good effect on insulating heat.  But will there be other benefits when applied to a mattress? Let us look at it.


Benefits of Cool Gel Memory Foam MattressesDo Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattresses Really Work

  • Delivers a Cool Sleep: The small gel beads, which are infused in the gel memory foam mattress, ensure to wick away the heat produced by our body and increase the airflow creating a cool and comfortable surface. The cooler surface will help contribute better temperature control preventing overheating during sleep, allowing you to sleep longer than ever.
  • Customized Comfort: Just like standard memory foam, gel foam will provide a plush feel for sleepers, and is able to absorb shock and resist motion transfer. Gel memory foam also offers a reliable and comfortable sleeping surface. Thanks to these features, gel foam will deliver a sound sleep the whole night even if your partner is tossing and turning.
  • Relieves Body Pressure: Gel memory foam compresses and forms to a soft surface while lying on it to provide balanced support to customize various sleeping patterns. Designed to cradle the body, cool gel foam offers the perfect pressure point relief to make you feel relief around your back, hips, knees, and shoulders.
  • Resilience: Gel foam mattresses are highly resilient and will not sag over time. This will kick out your worries about permanent bumps or dips forming in the mattress. They have the ability to cradle the body and will bounce back into shape immediately. It is important to make sure your bed frame is supportive enough for the mattress, however.
  • Good for Body and Health: The materials which gel foam mattresses are manufactured with are organic, green, eco-friendly and don’t contain any toxic substances which cause harm to our skin or body. So, these mattresses are safe and healthy for anyone, including kids, adults and the elderly.


Nighslee Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattresses

Since cool gel memory foam mattresses can really isolate heat and improve sleep, is there an affordable but high-quality memory foam mattress? Nighslee mattress is for you.

gel memory foam

  • Mattress Cover: The top cover is a bamboo jacquard cover. Nighslee memory foam mattresses are wrapped in this convenient mattress cover which can be fully unzipped and spot cleaned. The rayon derived from bamboo fabric contains no harmful toxins and is totally breathable to ensure a cooling effect and prevent overheating or sleeping hot.
  • Mattress Top Layer: The top layer of the Nighslee gel memory foam mattress is 3” of temperature - neutral cooling airgel memory foam with pin core ventilation for greater air flow. This layer, which is designed with a cooling system, is strategically placed on the top of the Nighslee mattress to provide the cooling and initial comfort for the sleeper while keeping the properties of traditional memory foam. Nighslee uses a gel memory foam to disperse the heat around the sleeper and regulate their body temperature, leaving a cooler sleeping area.
  • Second Layer: The second layer is 2” of bamboo contour memory foam. Lying in the center of the mattress aiming to distribute support and contour for your body. As we normally will sink into the mattress, this layer will conform to our body and offer perfect comfort and support to us, making turning over easier.
  • Bottom Layer: This layer is the thickest layer of foam in the Nighslee mattress. Featuring 5” of high-density support foam, the thick bottom layer works as a strong foundation and supportive base for the whole mattress to produce the perfect balance between softness and firmness for sleepers of all sizes.


If you are dying to try out a new memory foam mattress, but worried that you will sleep hot, Nighslee is the right one for you and makes you feel what you spent will be worthy of each penny. Slip off to dreamland, without worry, on a cool gel memory foam mattress from Nighslee.





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