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Do Cool Gel Memory Foam Pillows Really Work?

2018-10-26 Sleep 27868

A good night’s sleep is very important for one’s overall health. However, most of us have difficulties falling asleep or are sleepless because of it being too warm or overheated at night. We are always looking to find a perfect cooling sleeping surface including a cooling pillow to combat heat during the night. Actually, our head releases more heat than any other part of our body and it runs hotter when the temps are high at night and sweat overnight, especially in the summer. We will seek a cooler place to rest our head in our pillow and continuously flip the pillow while sleeping. The traditional memory foam pillows will keep the head warm overnight, but don’t necessarily provide the cooling feeling. The cool gel memory foam pillows among them, claim they will provide a comfortable and cool sleeping experience overnight. But do cooling gel pillows really work? Before unveiling the reality, let’s see what is a cool gel pillow and memory foam pillow benefits.

Do Cool Gel Memory Foam Pillows Really Work

What Is A Gel Memory Foam Pillow?

The cool gel memory pillow is the latest innovative product. The main material is made of slow rebound material, covered with a layer of gel so that when the human body goes to sleep, it has a cool feeling. Frequently used, the memory foam cooling pillow forms the shape inherent in the head and neck, conforming to the shape of each one's head.

A gel foam pillow refers to any pillow containing individual layers of gel or gel-infused memory foam. Studies have shown that the condensation layer will absorb your body heat and disperse the heat to create a cool sleeping surface, can reduce the body surface temperature by 11 ° C, keeping you comfortable throughout the night. 

As we all know, because memory foam is very dense substance, so it gives our body heat effective support and comfort while bringing in heat. Gel memory foam pillows are created to solve this problem. About memory foam can refer to this article. 《Why Are Memory Foam Mattresses So Hot?》


How Does Cooling Gel Pillow work?

The cool gel memory foam pillows incorporate innovative cooling technology in the form of a special gel such as gel beads or shredded gel particles in memory foam, which is soothing and makes for a perfect place to rest your head. These types of pillows will dissipate and regulate heat, maintaining a cooling temperature while you sleep.

The inner memory foam will respond to your weight and contour to your head and neck, ensuring you have optimal comfort and support, allowing your muscles to completely relax. The combination of memory foam and gel will ensure you to get a complete rest and deliver you a fresh morning start.

SO, do cool gel memory foam pillows really work? My answer is: Yes. Cool gel pillow have a significant effect on regulating head heat and controlling temperature. Whether it is ordinary cool gel pillow or shredded cool gel memory foam pillow. Not only that, gel memory foam pillow has many benefits for our sleep.


Gel Memory Foam Pillows Have Many Health Benefits

  • Sleep Easily at Night: You may suffer from counting sheep keeping you from sleep or changing sleeping position and sides during the night. The cool gel memory foam pillow provides a cool surface to rest your head upon. With the cool gel pillow, you will fall asleep quickly. Research also shows that a cool pillow sleeper has a three times deeper sleep than a traditional pillow user.
  • Relieve Insomnia: If you often wake up during the night, then find it difficult falling back to sleep and staying asleep until morning, you may have insomnia problems to some extent. These symptoms will make you feel fatigued, have low energy and frustrated. Sleeping on a cooling pillow may help control your insomnia and make you get rid of some certain symptoms caused by insomnia. The cool gel memory foam pillows may be more effective for sleepers who wake up due to excessive night sweats as they are able to keep the head cooler.
  • Avoid Metabolic Diseases: Lack of sleep may lead to metabolic disorders and develop into more serious diseases including diabetes mellitus, stroke, and heart disease. Research shows that those who sleep not enough in the long run may often move a lot during sleep and change positions continuously. The danger of them getting a metabolic disease can double. The gel memory foam pillows which offer premium support and comfort can aid in avoiding certain metabolic diseases and potentially stop the increase of these diseases.
  • Improve your Appearance: Your skin is the window of your body. Long, insufficient night’s sleep will contribute to a tired and aged appearance. If you are not sleeping well and your system isn’t functioning properly, you will notice the aftermath on your face such as black circles and pale complexion. Your skin will also look less youthful and has less of a glow. The cool gel memory foam will help you build up sound sleep habits and increase the quality of sleep, making you look youthful, smart and energetic.
  • Boost Mental Health: Medically speaking, a regular sound sleep boosts your mental health. If you’ve ever spent a night tossing and turning, you will feel it the next day – tired, cranky, and out of sorts. The long term effects of sleep deprivation will lead to a series of health problems, from weight gain to a weakened immune system. Using a cool gel pillow, along with a calm sleeping environment and your relaxed mind will make you sleep deeply and enrich your mental health day to day.


Which Cooling Pillow Is The Best

Now, we’ve already learned much about cool gel memory foam pillows. Cool gel memory foam pillows will not only provide a cooler night’s sleep but also the

support needed for keeping the body comfortable. But purchasing a cool gel memory foam pillow is still not as easy as it seems, as different brands of cool gel pillow differ on budget, size and comfort. For a better sleep, we suggest you buy the best cooling pillow such as a shredded memory foam pillow to match your personal preferences.

Top Rated Cool Gel Memory Foam from Nighslee

#Nighslee Premium Shredded Memory Foam Pillow – queen

 whic cooling pillow is the best



  • Premium Shredded Temperature-neutral Cooling AirGel Technology
  • Thick Soft ECO Foam Inner Cover
  • Breathable and Eco-friendly, Washable Bamboo Jacquard Cover
  • Certified by CertiPUR-USⓇ & OEKO-TEXⓇ Standard 100
  • 100-Night Sleep Trial

The shredded memory foam pillows from Nighslee employs temperature neutral cooling patented AirGel™ technology to absorb the heat from you and disperse it, ventilation for greater airflow, and leaving you feeling cool and comfortable all night long. The thick, super-soft eco-foam inner will give you a balance of support and comfort. The breathable and eco-friendly bamboo cover allows for the greatest amount of breathability, further regulating the cooling feel while you sleep without sweaty nights.


Nighslee also offers other sizes of shredded memory foam pillow for you to choose from, including Standard and King Size.



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