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How To Clean And Maintaining Memory Foam Mattress

2018-09-17 Mattress 30015

How to clean a memory foam mattress is a problem that plagues many people. Because memory foam mattress is different from the ordinary mattress. Memory foam mattresses are very popular in the market nowadays as these kinds of mattresses contour to our body and distribute our weight evenly. What’s more, memory foam mattresses will provide us with the amazing level of comfort and support to relieve pressure points and reduce back pain for a sound sleep all night long.

For the above-mentioned benefits, we purchase memory foam mattresses to sleep on every day. In the first few weeks or months, the mattress serves us perfectly as it is totally new. However, after we sleep on it for several months or years, it will not feel so comfortable and supportive for us to sleep on.

Unlike box spring mattresses, these mattresses which contain both memory foam and polyurethane foam have a higher request for different types of support and cleaning methods. Therefore, maintaining and cleaning the memory foam mattress becomes an important factor to keep it delivering the best results year after year. But how to clean a memory foam mattress to keep it in great shape?

how to clean menory foam mattress

How to maintain the Memory Foam Mattress

1. Give the mattress enough support

A firm and solid foundation with a little breathability is the right kind of support for memory foam mattresses. Place the mattress on a broad box spring with a hard surface or little or no spaced slatted bed base will be able to bear the weight of mattress and sleepers.

2. Rotate mattress periodically

Move your mattress every now and again to help it wear more evenly and extend its lifespan about 50%. Rotate your mattress from head to toe every three or six months to make it free of sagging which is formed from sleeping in the same spot constantly over a long period of time.

3. Bathe the mattress under the sun

Take the mattress outside on your front porch or backyard to breathe the fresh air and get the sunlight directly for disinfecting. Place your mattress in the open air as much as you can to eliminate the bad odors, and keep from bacteria, allergens, and mold.If you don't know what's in your mattress, read this article.《Not Only Bed Bug And Dust Mites Living In Your Mattress - Are You In Danger?》

clean menory foam mattress

How To Clean A Memory Foam Mattress

1. Remove and wash covers often

Take off the zip cover and clean it in the washing machine with mild detergent or soap power weekly or monthly. The amount of addition of different sizes is also different, as long as the twin memory foam mattress topper only need 10ml of detergent. To clean your memory foam mattress topper, it is also suggested to add a few drops of essential oils or white vinegar. Remember that warm water will make the cleaning better.

2. Vacuum the mattress regularly

One of the easiest and easiest ways to keep your memory foam clean is to vacuum regularly. Using a hand-held vacuum cleaner is your best choice. Use a handheld vacuum cleaner with brush attachment instead of a big bulky machine to remove any hair, dust, other small particles and vacuum the hard to reach areas of the top and the sides of the mattress. Because we humans shed dead skin cells, sweat and body oils from the skin on the mattress and our pets like to leave behind fur, drool and uninvited guests like fleas. So, clean the mattress regularly to sleep healthily.

3. Remove the stains properly

Use a few mild detergents such as dishwashing liquid and a sponge or an absorbent cloth to wipe up the stains or spills from the outside toward the inside. If the effect is not satisfactory, you can use hydrogen peroxide for bleaching. Sprinkle some baking soda or dry liquids over the area and leave it for several minutes or hours to prevent the mattress from moisture and odors.

If you don't have a mild detergent, you can also use a mixture of water and vinegar. Place the mixture in a spray bottle, gently spray the mattress, and quickly scrub the stain with a cloth dampened with water. Vinegar helps to dilute the stain and also absorbs any unpleasant odor.


As we sleep on our bed for 6 or 8 hours every night, learning the essential ways to keep your memory foam mattress in great shape is very important to contribute a luxurious comfort and support for our body. Find the sleeping retreat from Nighslee and begin your journey to enjoying positive results from what you have learned from these tips.

If these tips all don’t take effect, you may need to get a new mattress. Check out Nighslee cool gel memory foam mattress to get the conforming, incredible comfort from the inside out. Learn more with selecting the right types of the mattress for a good night sleep.



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