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Mattress Firm bankruptcy, Is this the end of traditional mattress stores?

2018-10-12 Mattress 896

For many years, people have long gone to retail mattress stores to buy their new mattresses such as Mattress Firm. Usually, arriving uninformed of materials, feels, and overall construction of the mattresses and leave the stores after paying thousands of dollars for a mediocre mattress which will last them a few short years. Why is this? Well, that used to be the only option except for making a mattress yourself or going to a local mom and pop shop which happens to sell quality mattresses at lower prices. Now, there is a vast range of companies to look out for who are taking things to the next level and focusing on the most important part of the mattress – you. First, let’s look at the current industry of retail mattress brands.

mattress firm bankruptcy

The Retail Industry

Even though with the bankruptcy of Mattress Firm hot in the news now, the retail mattress industry is actually faring quite well against the pressures of the new “bed-in-a-box” brands popping up with a whopping $29.1 billion-dollar market share in 2017! But, for how long? With many new brands popping up alongside the likes of Casper, Purple Mattress, Tuft & Needle, Leesa, and many others, a market share which was once more than 30%, Mattress Firm’s territory is now dwindling down reaching 11% just last year. However, is this good or bad for the consumer? We will see how it unfolds.

Bed-In-A-Box Perks

With Casper in the lead of online retailers at a seemingly small near 1% market share, the amount of “bed-in-a-box” shops popping up is quite alarming, however, this could be a turning point of a once business-ruled industry. Many of the online bed-in-a-box stores look at the customer as it’s first concern by offering excellent warranties, sleep trials and more to bring you their way. One example is Nectar, headquartered in San Francisco. Nectar offers their customers a lifetime warranty. Yeah, you heard that right – LIFETIME! Meaning if your Nectar mattress decides to crumble after using it for 20 years and you are within the warranty requirements – boom, new mattress. But, who actually uses a mattress for 20 years? Yikes. Alongside their astronomical warranty is also an incredibly long 1-year sleep trial! If you buy a Nectar mattress. Sleep on it for a few months, then fine, you don’t like the mattress. Nectar will definitely help you set the record straight.

These types of perks are more than just selling points, they are customer care. Which is 2018, is a crucial aspect of surviving as a business. This is where retail mattresses in recent years have been falling flat. Often having long, convoluted warranties, no test runs, and sales first mentality.

What is the Best for the Buyer?

If you prefer simplicity and have the money to spend, a retail mattress store is perfectly fine for you. However, there is usually a wider selection of mattresses you can get at a retail shop compared to an online shop. Most importantly, for some, is you can get the mattress that day and not need to wait for shipping. We all know how shipping is. However, if you’re not in a rush or are casually looking to replace your mattress. Try out the bed-in-a-box. You may find a new haven for your sleep.

Nighslee Mattresses

That’s where Nighslee comes in. At Nighslee, we always put our sleepers at number 1, profits last. Every product is thoroughly tested by a large group of various sleepers. Each service we offer is planned on the basis, “How would we feel as a customer?” Finally, driving innovation in bringing the best bedding for all to enjoy, with no extra costs to the consumer. Finding a mattress shouldn’t be a pain. It should be as simple as lying down and enjoying a good sleep.

Nighslee offers an awesome 10-year warranty against manufacturing defects and a 100-night sleep trial which begins from the date of arrival, to give you an honest 100 nights to try out the mattress. Also, in an effort to help those in need, if you don’t like your mattress and want to send it back, we send it directly to a local charity as a donation.

So, where does the future of the mattress industry lie? Well, the future is unwritten. However, you can be sure to see more mattress-in-a-box brands popping up looking to take a chunk of that market share which retail mattress stores have been holding for decades.

nighslee mattress

                                Nighslee 10 inch Cool Gel  full size memory foam mattress  $289.99 


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