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Not Only Bed Bug And Dust Mites Living In Your Mattress - Are You In Danger?

2018-09-17 Mattress 3403

Many people will ask, do I have bed bugs or dust mites in memory foam mattress. First, let's take a look at how mattresses are used. We sleep on them every day and we lie on them when we are tired. Sometimes, we even pile clothes on them and lie on those pile of clothes (what’s that all about?). How often are they cleaned? Well, that ultimately depends on the user. However, even if we clean them, what is lurking behind the closed curtain of a microscope? Well, I hope you are not eating or hungry. This article may lessen your appetite.


Bed Bug And Dust Mites Mattres


Let's dive in and see what could be lurking in your mattress.


Bed Bugs

how to rid the bed bugs

Coming first, we have bed bugs. How do you know you have bed bugs? Well, the first clue is waking up itchy and with red bumps all over your skin. If you live relatively clean lifestyles, the chances of getting bed bugs are quite slim, however, that doesn’t mean you still are invulnerable. Bed bugs can carry and transmit more than 40 pathogens including Chagas Disease which is a chronic heart disease causing inflammation of the heart ventricles. Yikes.


Dust Mites

Beds can contain up to 10 million dust mites! However, you cannot really see them because they are extremely small - microscopic small. Dust mites feed off the dead skin cells of each beds occupant and answer nature’s call nearly 20 times every day - that is a lot of doodoo. This doodoo can cause asthma. But don’t worry, dust mites can easily be killed by keeping your room clean.


Cladosporium Mold

This one is more common in wet environments and older mattresses, but don’t let that deter you from being vigilant against it growing on or in your mattress. These mold spores can lead to asthma or pneumonia if they are inhaled. It can also bring about onychomycosis, which I don’t even want to describe. You’ll definitely lose your appetite on that one.

cladosporium mold

                           cladosporium mold



Lice are not only found on your dome, but also can be found on your bed! Lice feed on your blood while you sleep which can ultimately lead to contracting typhus if you are unlucky. Not only this, they can live up to 1 month with no food supply!


Poisonous Gas

No, really. Okay, well maybe it’s not a ‘living organism’ but they still cause harm. Modern mattresses, especially memory foam mattresses, and others spiked with chemicals can harbor the toxic chemicals inside the mattress itself. These toxic chemical may be invisible and have no smell, but they can definitely do some damage to your health including migraines, neurological disorders and even cancer.


How to get rid of bed bugs in a mattress

Ultimately, you can avoid all of these harmful and potentially deadly organisms (and gas) if you keep a clean room, but that should not be a reason to ignore the possibility. That's why Nighslee memory foam mattresses are made with non-toxic materials and are dust mite proof keeping you and your family safe. In addition, the cooling air-gel will keep you cool enough to reduce sweat and lowering the possibility of mold growing in your mattress.


how to get rid of bed bugs in a mattress





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