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What Is A Split King Adjustable Bed - What Should You Know?

2019-02-01 Sleep 21039

split king adjustable bed

Unlike traditional beds, split king adjustable beds are one of the adjustable beds with zero gravity and can raise or lower the upper body or legs by a wireless remote control to create different angles for sleeping, providing customized comfort and support for different kinds of sleepers.

A split king bed not only could relieve back aches but also diminishes or eliminates snoring. The adjustable bed makes it highly perfect for sleepers who suffer from chronic pains like arthritis and sciatica. It allows you to elevate the head or legs to help improve breathing and blood circulation. The adjustable function is great for sleepers who suffer from sleep apnea and other disorders which are associated with snoring.

These kinds of king beds are designed to deliver comfortable profiles and surfaces to every type of sleeper in all weight and height, including side, back and stomach, combinations as they can be inclined or declined to multiple positions and angles. A split king adjustable bed also won’t bother your partner even you turn over or get in and out of the bed several times during the nighttime.


Split King Mattress VS King Mattress



Split King Mattress

Traditional King Mattress

Size (L x W)

80” x (2) 38”

80” x 76”





Side, back, stomach, combination

Side, back, stomach, combination


-Allow sleeping in different positions

-Great for couples with individual preferences

-Eliminate motion transfer

-Help you breathe smoothly at night

-Reduce aches and back pain

-Minimize snoring and other sleep problems

-Easy to move around

-Some include massage functionality

-Offer supportive, contouring comfort

-Doesn’t cost much

-Big enough for two adults

-Requires no assembly



-Have seam in the middle of the bed

-Need fitted bed sheets

-Short lifespan

-Requires difficult assembly

-May disturb your partner

-No obvious health benefits

-No convenient options like massage functions

-Not easy to move around


Mattresses Comparison


Mattress Type

King Size

Twin XL Size

Split King Size

Size (L x W)

80” x 76”

80” x 38”

80” x 38” (2)


Two adult sleepers or couples with pets or young children

Children, young adults, single tall adults, sleepers who use a split adjustable bed

Couples or partners with different sleep needs and preferences


  • Comfortable and supportive enough for heavy partners
  • Great fit for larger bedrooms
  • Ideal for couples to move around
  • Money and space-saving choice
  • Perfect for a smaller room
  • Can be used in a split adjustable king bed
  • Allows for different sleeping positions in partners
  • Good for upstairs bedroom
  • Specialized for adjustable split king-sized bed base


Take up too much space

Too small for heavy adults

Have gaps between the bed


How to keep adjustable split king mattress together

If you don’t want to invest in a split king mattress, turning two Twin XL mattresses with different levels of firmness or softness into one split king-sized mattress is a perfect solution to solve your concerns and still can work perfectly with an adjustable frame. Then what you need to consider is how to do it? Read on to find more.

  1.  Have two Twin XL mattresses with varying levels of firmness to satisfy different sleep needs between you and your partner. You can select from extremely soft to soft to medium to firm to extremely firm. When you shop online, you have the opportunity to check which kind of firmness level is right for you as most online retailers, including Nighslee, offer an in-home sleep trial.
  2. A standard Twin XL mattress is 38 inches wide and 80 inches long, and less expensive than a split king mattress. Putting two of these together to a split king mattress at 80 inches in length and 76 inches in width is a good choice for couples with different sleep preferences or schedules. In order to get a comfortable split king bed, you’d better find two mattresses with the same thickness.
  3. You will clearly see the gap between the two Twin XL mattresses after pushing them together. So, it’s time to put a bed bridge between two mattresses to fill the gap and provide an even sleep surface, identical to what you’d get in a regular split king size bed. The bed bridge will offer great support and comfort even you lie in the middle. If you still feel uncomfortable, a mattress topper or pad will be your ideal choice to make it flat. 

More details can refer to this video : How To Keep XL Twin Mattresses From Separating


Sum It Up

Overall, split king beds have so many outstanding features, providing couples or two adult sleepers with luxurious, customizable comfort and support, but ultimately the choice is yours! At Nighslee, we offer Twin-XL mattresses to get your own comfort along with shredded foam pillows. For example, convert two mattresses to a split king mattress to fit your adjustable bed frame. With cooling gel built right in, Nighslee memory foam mattresses will deliver a cool and comfortable sleep at night. Packed in a box, Nighslee’s bed-in-a-box cool gel memory foam mattress comes delivered to be easily moved into the room.


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