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Which Mattress Type Keeps You Cool While You Sleep?

2018-09-17 Mattress 1420

There are many various types of mattresses on the market these days and finding the right one can be a major task. Imagine walking through a grocery store and you walk to the produce section. Then you find they are ALL different types, shapes and sizes of apples. You’d be lost unless you are an apple connoisseur. However, the most popular mattress types are noted below for your convenience.


Most Popular Mattress Types (in no specific order)

most popular mattress type

  • Innerspring
  • Memory Foam
  • Latex / Latex Hybrids
  • Polyfoam
  • Waterbeds

You may wonder, well thanks for the list, but what does it have to do with the article or buying a mattress? Well, let me get to that point. If you are looking for that "perfect"mattress,  it doesn't really exist. Everybody has their own personal preferences, sleeping styles, sensitivity to heat, etc. This is, however, based on the average sleeper.



This is arguably the most popular mattress, most likely due to its consumer-friendly affordability. But, can it take the heat? The good thing about innerspring mattresses is they do reduce the amount of heat while you sleep quite well. However, this is at the cost of reducing contour and pressure relief causing you to wake up creaking and cracking like a withered skeleton.


Memory Foam

Memory Foam is another very popular mattress type - one day set to replace innerspring, according to some industry analysts, but that is a different topic for another blog entry. Memory foam gently contours to your body and relieves your pressure points, so you wake up feeling absolutely fab. However, generic memory foam mattresses tend to sleep hotter than a 4th of July BBQ in Death Valley. Okay, maybe that is a little over-the-top, but you get the picture.


menory foam


Latex / Latex Hybrids

This is where things get wild. Latex mattresses typically come in a variety of different styles. Some may just be a brick of latex with no effort put towards breathability, while others will have thousands of pinholes which greatly increase that beautiful airflow.  There is the added bonus of the latex being a pretty comfortable option for your body, but maybe not your wallet or back when you are installing it.




Now we may be getting into foreign territory with some. Polyfoam or ‘polyurethane foam’ (slips off the tongue) is very similar to your standard memory foam, the only different is toxicity, and I don’t mean the System of a Down song. Memory foam is treated with chemicals to increase the density and viscosity of the foam, but that is unnatural and could release the aptly named ‘off-gassing.’ Whereas polyfoam is actually all-natural keeping everyone safe from nasty chemicals and possibly growing extra limbs. The heat dispersal is, however, relatively similar to memory foam.



Oh waterbeds, this is on the list due to its particular interestingness. When the first item that pops up in “What people also ask” on Google search is, ‘Are waterbeds still for sale?’ it needs to be on the list. How many people remember waterbeds? Well, I do, and they were more fun to play on than they were to sleep on for me. But, how well did they match up in terms of heat? Well, actually, waterbeds can be temperature controlled, which is really cool *pun intended* and convenient. Although, I’ve always wondered about freezing one…


Nighslee's Cooling Air-Gel Polyfoam

Take what’s good about polyfoam - the body contouring, the comfort and the pressure relief. Take what’s bad about polyfoam - Death Valley BBQ and throw some ice on it. Well, the ice would most definitely melt. But, Nighslee added cooling air-gel to their mix which aids in the dispersal of heat while you sleep - giving you the best of both worlds! Take that Hannah Montana! In all seriousness, it is really cool *again, pun intended* and is merely a stepping stone towards merging the best parts of all the various mattress types into a single Frankenstein mattress, but prettier…


cool gel polyfoma


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