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Why Are Memory Foam Mattresses So Hot

2018-09-17 Mattress 4132

We’ve often heard people complaining their memory foam mattresses are too hot at night. They are suffering from overheating, and always wake up several times during the night because of being too hot.

Sleeping uncomfortably warm or hot for a long time will diminish our quality of sleep and leave us feeling poorly rested when morning comes. Therefore, finding the solution to drive away the uncomfortable sweating, tossing and turning and disrupted sleep situations is extremely urgent.  Want to know why the memory mattress will overheat, first, let’s get some basic details of memory foam mattresses.

memory foam mattresses so hot

Memory Foam Will Remember Your Body Heat

Memory foam is a kind of polyurethane polymer with an open-cell structure which is very sensitive to temperature and has special viscoelastic, soft properties and strong absorbability. The memory foam was derived from NASA research which applied this material into shuttle seats to reduce the huge impact on astronauts during spacecraft’s cosmic acceleration from atmosphere improving the protection and comfort for astronauts.

In the long run, memory foam is developed to manufacture into different products in many fields including medical equipment, exercise machines, and domestic beddings. It’s now well known for its use in mattresses, toppers, and pillows - coming in various densities and depths.

Memory foam mattresses have the ability to absorb and disperse body weight. It will mold to the shape of our body as it senses human body temperature through the special warm memory particles, and relieves pressure points, giving our body effective support and comfort. So, on one hand, memory foam “remembers” your body shape, however, on the other hand, it stores your body heat. If you don’t have an air-conditioned home, the temperature of the mattress will raise with your body temperature, which makes you feel hotter while you sleep.

memory foam so hot

Why are memory foam mattresses so hot?

There are many factors that cause the memory foam too hot, including Foam Structure, Foam MaterialBody HeatThey are the chief culprit in the overheating of the mattress.

Soft Material

Thanks to the soft material, memory foam mattresses are able to contour to your body, wrapping you in a soft area. As most part of your body keeps in touch with the mattress and this will restrict air ventilation and trap the heat. And memory foam is not firm enough to make air flow between your body and mattress. In the end, we will sleep hotter on the mattress as the night goes on.

Dense Structure

Featuring a very dense substance, memory foam ensures to provide full body support and luxurious comfort. Due to this dense design, memory foam will keep the mattress warm and does not allow much air to pass through. This will lead to heat being trapped inside the mattress and foam temperature increasing continuously. In the end, we will feel too warm or overheated during the night. The higher the foam density, the higher the heat.

Body Heat

Human beings will produce a lot of heat while sleeping at night even if we don’t move at all. Actually, we may toss and turn several times, this will trigger excessive sweating and cause overheating. We will produce more body heat especially when we sleep with a partner. This will give rise to heat-trapping and increase of temperature, shortening our sleeping time and making us feel hotter and sweaty at last.

cool gel memory foam mattresses

Memory foam mattress too hot solution

  1. Replace the bottom of your bed with a wooden board or replace it with a bed frame that is ventilated at the bottom of the bed - make sure that there is enough space on the underside of the mattress to move to create space for free air flow inside the bed.
  2. Use cool gel cover on top of your memory foam mattress - There are many cool gel covers designed specifically for memory foam mattresses that can effectively cool down.
  3. Use memory foam toppers made from gel foam, down alternative or natural cotton- it will add a nice layer of space where air can flow freely and therefore cool you down.


So, How can I sleep better on a memory foam mattress?

  • Choose the highest quality memory foam mattresses for your bed, such as cool gel memory foam mattresses which will absorb your body heat and disperse the heat to create a cool sleeping surface, can reduce the body surface temperature by 11 ° C, keeping you comfortable throughout the night.
  • Select soft and breathable beddings for bed, including sheets, pillows, pads and mattress protectors which are made of natural fibers like bamboo, cotton, and wool to increase airflow and pull moisture away from your body.
  • Maintain a steady temperature in your bedroom through opening the window in the daytime to keep airflow and using a fan or air-conditioning during the hot days to produce cold air.

You can always invest in a high-quality air-conditioning system for your house or invest thousands in a “high-quality” memory foam mattress which promises to keep you cool at night, but this can be hit or miss. That is where Nighslee comes in. The Nighslee mattress isn’t a promise to keep you cool, our customers agree that the cooling air-gel mixed with Nighslee's Certipur-US certified polyfoam absorbs your body heat and disperses it keeping you cool throughout the night.

Nighslee mattress

Along with Nighslee's 100-Night sleep trial, there is no wrong answer to try it out for yourself. Start sleeping better tonight! -- Nighslee 



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