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The Laziest Way to Lose Weight---Quick and Easy

2019-06-24 Sleep 1368

Recently, a subject, does good sleep helps weight loss, has attracted more focus down the road. You may have searched on Google about how to sleep well or how to lose weight, however, you may have not thought to search them combined such as ‘sleep to lose weight’ or ‘lose weight while you sleep.’ You may also rarely consider if there is any association between ‘sleep’ and ‘weight loss.’ They seem to be two parallel lines that never intersect. Here, we are going to reveal the unknown secret.


Among similar keywords, we chose the frequently used ‘sleep to lose weight’ on Google Trends and we found the word frequently appeared to be gently climbing since 2004, as well as an obvious rise starting in 2010.

The year of 2010 is exactly the years when several related books were published, for example in 2011, Dr. Dante Spencer wrote The Sleep Doctor's Diet Plan: Lose Weight Through Better Sleep came out; In 2012, How to Lose Weight in Your Sleep  by Dante Spencer; In 2015,  Sleep Your Fat Away by the Joy and Roy Martina Couple, etc.  All of these books have proved that sleeping to lose weight does work.

How Sleep helps lose weight?

Sleeping time and quality affect the secretion of two hormones, leptin (LP) and ghrelin (GL). LP resolves and burns fat while GL, which is produced in the stomach, promoting appetite. They usually grow in the opposite direction. During a good and adequate sleep, LP will be high with GL down and consequently, you will be burning fat instead of storing it... However, things will go adversely if you lack sleep or sleep poorly. For instance, sleep apnea sufferers are found with a high LP with a few extra pounds.


How to strengthen the work of sleep in losing weight?

     1. Eight Hours Sleep

Ensure you have eight hours of sleep every day. Adequate sleep promotes your metabolism, eliminates edema, stimulates growth hormones, and guides the body to convert fat into energy, which makes it easy to maintain a healthy figure. However, sleeping too much by surpassing eight hours will work adversely. Eight hours has been set as the optimum sleeping length. People without eight-hour sleep appear to put on weight more easily.

      2.  Sleep like a cat

It is recommended to adopt a cat’s sleeping posture. Cat experts in Britain have observed for a long time that most house cats sleep by lying on the right side of their body,  with their hind limbs slightly bent; their fore and right limbs naturally bend to the right side of the body close to the head, and their left limbs naturally downward and slightly straightened. It is found that side sleepers can relax just like a cat does and fall fast asleep. This cat posture is also a way close to the most beneficial sleeping posture for people recommended in many articles.

    3. Sleep Naked

Bet you feel thrilled about this suggestion! Not only can you lose weight by sleeping but also sleeping without wearing clothes!  No clothes means no restriction on the body, allowing our blood to circulate more smoothly, skin breathing and metabolism accelerating, all of which leads to sleeping better. Which we have mentioned above promotes the consumption of fat. Few people have had the habit of sleeping naked because of better sleep. Now, they can continue to do that for a better reason, and other many of you who haven’t tried yet can try it now, but make sure you sleep in a highly private and secure room.


   4. Best food to eat before sleep for weight loss

It has almost been a cliché to mention warm milk when meeting this topic, but milk is still the queen in treating sleep quality as it contains a substantial amount of substances that can lull people fast asleep. Aside from milk, whole grain foods are also fitting meals before sleep but too much food may produce an opposite effect. 

   5. Nighttime Workouts

Until recently, nighttime workouts and sleep were not considered a good match. Most disagreements concerned about the body might be too excited before bedtime. However, it turns out that any type of exercise at night doesn’t cause any problems. In the following, we will introduce some moderate movements that won’t cost too much time but still can meet the needs for a better sleep, at the same time, better shape.

        Leg extension

Lie on one side of your body with one elbow supporting your upper body up while another elbow assisting balance. Keep your body straight and lift one leg up as close to 90 degrees as possible and put your leg back down. Do this for 10 reps.. When finished, flip to your other side. Two rounds per leg each 40 seconds.


     Leg hold

Keep your whole body straight, with your elbows supporting your torso up. Raise both legs together around 40 degrees off the bed. Head up and look straight at your toes and hold it there until 40 seconds is up. The lower your legs are, the more challenging it is and the more it works your lower abs.


If possible, ask a partner to work for you. Massages can really relax your muscles and promote blood circulation, producing a soothing feeling to the recipient in a really short time. Most people will fall asleep during the utmost comfort.

Last but not the least

Buying a super comfy MATTRESS like Nighslee  is choice never go wrong. lol

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