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Nighslee Mattress Review


We’d love to show you more transparent feedback about Nighslee.

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  • Virginia Reyes Verified Purchase

    From Oregon


    This mattress is so comfortable and cozy and perfect! I don’t even feel when my partner moved on the bed and I fall asleep immediately. This mattress is awesome!

    Aug 21, 2019 Stomach Sleeper Partner
  • Gabrielle Verified Purchase

    From Texas


    Love it

    Aug 12, 2019 Stomach Sleeper Solo
  • Kat Holmes Verified Purchase

    From Virginia

    Soft but Supportive

    From the moment we unboxed our new mattress I was in love! Super easy to remove the packaging and it literally takes no time to start expanding. We bought this mattress for our guest room so we allowed the full 48 hours to let the mattress breathe and take it's form. We then tried it out and were super pleased with how it feels! It's like laying on a cloud and I'm sure our guest will enjoy sleeping on this rather than some hard uncomfortable pull out mattress or inflatable. We'll definitely be getting one for our room in the near future!

    Aug 1, 2019 Side Sleeper Partner
  • Daisy Castro Verified Purchase

    From Virginia

    Best Sleep I have ever gotten

    The unboxing was really simple and easy to do the mattress is incredible so comfortable best sleep I have gotten in years and the price was

    Jul 31, 2019 Side Sleeper Solo
  • Ellen Anderson Verified Purchase

    From California


    If I didn't like this mattress I would tell you, but so far, it's actually really really nice and really really comfortable:)

    Jul 26, 2019 Side Sleeper Solo
  • guadalupe espinoza Verified Purchase

    From Texas

    Liam finally got his big boy room!

    First, I was attracted by the low price, my husband and I keep thinking it is time to let Liam to sleep alone, so we start it! Try to find a mattress which gets good review and of course, also a mattress which one will not break my bank. And Liam loves his mattress! He sleeps all night and doesn’t wake up, so I bought one more mattress from Nighslee! It is our queen bed! It is so comfy and I really really love this mattress!

    Jun 3, 2019 Stomach Sleeper Partner
  • Katie Draznin Verified Purchase

    From Nevada

    It super comfy

    The unboxing was incredibly satisfying. The mattress is beyond comfortable. Very happy with my purchase.

    May 31, 2019 Side Sleeper Solo
  • Lorant Peeler

    From United States

    Good Mattress, Excellent Customer Service Help

    I ordered a Nighslee mattress (a full 10-inch Cool Gel Memory Foam) to arrive after my partner and I moved in to a new apartment. Some miscommunications happened and although the mattress was supposedly delivered four days before we expected it, it never turned up. It took a few days of communicating with FedEx and Nighslee, but ultimately we were sent a replacement that actually arrived this time! The representative I talked to was very kind and frequently checked in to see if FedEx had located my package before deciding that sending a replacement was the best option.

    As for the mattress itself, it's been really comfortable. We've had it for just a little less than a month and both of us are happy with the product. The fact that one of us getting up doesn't bother the other is very nice, the coolgel is holding up well as the apartment heats up for the summer, and it's a nice level of softness vs firmness. With the sales often going on, this was very affordable as a couple of recent college graduates and it helped a lot with transporting and installing issues a traditional mattress would have given us.

    I don't have a lot of mattresses to compare this to, but it's been a good starting mattress after a 10-year-old childhood bed and dorm room mattresses.

    May 28, 2019 Side Sleeper Partner
  • Ellisandrea Wells Verified Purchase

    From Florida

    Truly Amazed

    This has to be one of the best mattresses that I've ever laid on, its comfortable and I'm finally able to get a full night's rest.

    May 23, 2019 Side Sleeper Solo
  • Emelia Olson Verified Purchase

    From Minnesota


    My cat just won't leave my bed anymore lol...

    May 23, 2019 Stomach Sleeper Solo