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Nighslee Mattress Review


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  • Christina Marie Verified Purchase

    From Arizona

    Best mattress ever

    Easy to set up, barely any smell when opened. Comfort, cool, best mattress ever, just bought another one. Would recommend buying!!!

    Feb 22, 2020 Side Sleeper Solo
  • Christopher B Klein Verified Purchase

    From New Mexico

    So far... Really, really good!

    Very simple and fun to watch.

    Dec 11, 2019 Side Sleeper Partner
  • Paige F. Verified Purchase

    From Minnesota

    Sturdy piece of furniture

    Nice product. Packing was outstanding. The directions were clear and it took me roughly 2 hours from unpacking to the final assembled product with using power tools. I would highly recommend it.

    Dec 4, 2019
  • Albertha Q. Verified Purchase

    From Texas

    Nice sideboard

    Nice-looking piece of furniture. Assembly was time-consuming but not complicated. It's just the right size for my needs.

    Nov 22, 2019
  • Alyce S. Verified Purchase

    From South Dakota

    A lot of value

    Its high enough quality that it still blended into the surroundings better than say a cheap Ikea laminate would. For the price very impressed with the quality, it's still the same basic assembly as anything store bought, but just feels like Nighslee thought it through better.

    Nov 19, 2019
  • Cristina H. Verified Purchase

    From New Jersey


    For our guest room. Comfortable and great quality. Husband and I slept wonderful. Just to make sure our guest enjoy their stay.

    Nov 13, 2019 stomach Sleeper Partner
  • Lester Spinka Verified Purchase

    From Wisconsin


    I bought a Nighslee queen bed almost 2 years ago and pretty slept on it every single night. I have to say, this bed is awesome.I am around 300 pounds and my husband is about 350 pounds. We love this bed. It has been two years and still support our back. It's not sagging. You can tell from the picture. It is still a very well condition 10 inch mattress.

    Nov 11, 2019 Stomach Sleeper Partner
  • Randall Goodwin Verified Purchase

    From South Carolina

    best pillow for support

    LOVE this pillow. The thing that i like it most is you won't sleep hot at night. Super cool and really support my shoulder and neck.
    Deliervy was fast. 10 out of 10 recommend

    Oct 24, 2019 Side Sleeper Solo
  • Hunter Yundt Verified Purchase

    From Vermont

    VERY simple, but I like it

    It is a VERY simple bed with no head board and no slats. BUT for what it is, I was pretty well satisfied with the product. The wood is highly finished/polished in a solid oak wood, excellent job on what appears to be a hard polyurethane finish. Well package can come in 4 days. Took me 30 mins to setup

    The bed does really appear just like the add. Again for what it is, a very simple bed, it is well designed, engineered and constructed with good solid components.

    Oct 16, 2019 Back Sleeper Partner
  • Zella Walter Verified Purchase

    From Arizona

    very happy with this bed frame

    Very happy with this brand. I bought a mattress few months ago. And I was in love with this. When I found out that they had bed frame on sale, I bought it without a second thought. And Nighslee never let me down.
    The bed frame came in well package and right delivered to my door. It was solid enough for a teenage room. Setup was super easy. The only complaint was they didn’t provide the slats. So if you guy are interested in this bed frame, better to check your original slats fit or not. All in all, this is a super decent price for such a good quality.

    Oct 14, 2019 Stomach Sleeper Solo