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Nighslee Mattress Review


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  • Riley Wilderman Verified Purchase

    From Massachusetts

    My girl felt asleep as soon as she slept on it.

    I bought a queen size mattress and two pillows on Nighslee. The mattress was very well made. No chemical smell and the firmness was JUST RIGHT! My girl felt asleep as soon as she slept on it.

    As for the pillow, I took out 50% of the shredded foam and it became a kids pillow while I took 20% of it for my own use. The only compliant for the pillow was I have to find a bag to keep the rest stuff when I do not need them.

    Aug 22, 2018 Stomach Sleeper Partner
  • Camila Reilly Verified Purchase

    From Arizona

    durable for use

    This mattress is a lifesaver after sleeping on an air mattress for the past 4 months. I had bought a memory foam mattress on a retail store before. And it was broken after 3montns.They did not offer sleep trial and rejected to refund. See the first picture
    I was concerned at first when I received Nighslee. I'm not sure whether NIGHSLEE can support enough or not. So I almost checked the foam every month. I'm surprised to find it still look very new and have maintained the original shape. See second and third pictures.
    Highly recommend this mattress to you

    Aug 21, 2018 Stomach Sleeper Solo
  • Murl Predovic Verified Purchase

    From Georgia

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this pillow

    Great Value!I'm surprised to find it soft but adaptive!

    Aug 20, 2018 Back Sleeper Solo
  • Aliza Paucek Verified Purchase

    From Arkansas

    surprisingly good quality

    So I did a lot of research before I bought this mattress. This bed is of surprisingly good quality. I’m a single mother and the box was ok as far as maneuvering it into the house and down to the basement. Easy to unpack in just minutes. They even provided a mini cutter for you. Set it up and within hours it was inflated substantially, next day it’s at full inflation.

    Aug 19, 2018 Stomach Sleeper Solo
  • Barbara McKenzie Verified Purchase

    From Arkansas

    No more sweating when you sleep

    Excellent quality mattress! Works exactly as described! I bought a Nighslee mattress specifically for its temperature-regulating feature, and I have served me right every night. The mattress is so comfortable and has a thing with keeping temperatures just right. I instantly fall asleep and stay asleep all night. It gets very hot in my apartment most times, making it very hard to catch sleep. But my insomnia days are gone thanks to this mattress. I fall asleep almost immediately. And its contouring comfort is out of this world.

    Aug 18, 2018 Side Sleeper Solo
  • Melanie Verified Purchase

    From Rhode Island


    I was very impressed about the design. I was very impressed about the comfort, the feel, and the overall purchase, the shipping. Everything look perfect

    Aug 12, 2018 Back Sleeper Solo
  • Carrie Mraz Verified Purchase

    From Pennsylvania

    It was unbelievable comfortable.

    It took me a night to get used to it because I never slept on a memory foam mattress before. Compared to my other bed, this is like sleeping on a cloud.
    The memory foam is great. It's not hot. A lot of people think memory foam is hot. BUT NOT THIS ONE. I think the 3" cooling gel memory foam really help to keep you cool.
    And the mattress is zipped, so you can pull the whole cover off and get it to the wash machine.
    It was unbelievable comfortable.

    Aug 6, 2018 Stomach Sleeper Solo
  • Jordan Verified Purchase

    From South Dakota

    Feels like my head is resting on a cloud

    I am a side sleeper and after trying my luck with various pillow brands, I am happy to say i found "the one". My issue with memory foam pillows are
    1) they get hot overnight and then during the middle of the night you have to flip the pillow to the cool side,
    2) the foam just doesnt last, i have had pillow go as soft as baby's blanket next day :(

    Not certain what nighslee has laced the pillow with but its one of the comfortable one that i have come across, its soft and supportive, it reconcile with my head without losing its support, and the next morning i wake up feel rejuvenated, Definitely money well spent

    Aug 3, 2018 Side Sleeper Solo
  • mysticalmooncreations Verified Purchase

    From Colorado

    A great affordable replacement for my horrifying saggy innerspring mattress

    We just bought a new home & there was no way I was moving the sagging innerspring mattress that needed to be replaced months ago to the new house. Given the fact that we just bought the house, my budget for a new mattress just wasn’t going to cover getting another Tempur-Pedic like I used to have so I began looking at some of the other options out there. Who thought buying a mattress could require so much research… lol. As far as my husband is concerned, he could sleep on the floor & be happy, myself on the other hand… Not so lucky. I have multiple back issues & other pain related sleep issues so a good bed is not a convenience but a necessity. Before this bed, the last good night sleep I had was on my old Tempur-Pedic a couple years ago. So after much research, it came down to knowing I needed something in the medium-firm range to provide enough support for proper spinal alignment but be soft enough for me as a side sleeper so my arm doesn’t go numb. It’s really a fine line for me when it comes to a great mattress. From there I began my search for a good mattress at a reasonable price. While searching, I was turned on to the NIGHSLEE brand by a friend who has one. Upon looking up the company, I was very happy to see that the queen size mattress not only fit into my budget, but was actually under what I was expecting. I googled reviews & they seemed to have a pretty good rating all be it a bit new to the scene. So I figured with a 100 night sleep trial it was worth giving a try. The mattress actually arrived early… A very pleasant surprise, as that gave us a few days after opening it up to let it fully expand. It arrives vac-packed, rolled up & in a box that also included a nifty little safety cutter for unpacking it. It was kind of entertaining watching it open.. I took some video I will include showing it being opened. It really is simple. I was very surprised that there was minimal off gassing smell if any at all. Two thumbs up there NIGHSLEE! My last mattress was causing me so much pain that almost anything would have felt better the first night I slept on it. I did wake up in pain the next morning, but I think that had more to do with overexertion from the move than the bed itself. Night 2 was better & on night 3 I actually slept 6 straight hours. For me that’s amazing, I’m generally up every couple hours. It’s been so nice NOT to wake up every morning in so much pain that I can’t straighten up. So far I have no complaints at all and I’m thrilled with my new bed. Obviously it’s only been a short time, so I will have to come back in a few months to update my review on how it holds up after time but right now... my sleep has improved immensely.
    If you’re looking for a good affordable memory foam mattress & are looking for something in the Medium – Firm area (generally better for those with back problems) than at the moment I would highly recommend this mattress. I will update if anything changes

    Jul 25, 2018 Stomach Sleeper Partner
  • Brooke Kertzmann Verified Purchase

    From Texas

    5 stars for the perfect support

    Giving 5 stars from our first night experience. Perfect amount of firmness for support. From what I see they only offer a single mattress type. I guess that is all that’s needed. I can’t wait to go to sleep again

    Jul 13, 2018 Stomach Sleeper Solo