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Nighslee Mattress Review


We’d love to show you more transparent feedback about Nighslee.

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  • Tara L Woodruff Verified Purchase

    From Vermont

    Grateful Waking

    I have never experienced a bed in a box before. It was so easy to set up and was faster than expected.
    I LOVE how I sleep and wake up every morning very grateful for my nighslee bed :

    Feb 11, 2019 Side Sleeper Solo
  • Melania Krystle Verified Purchase

    From Ohio

    a good price for awesome stuffssss

    I ordered these pillows from NIGHSLEE. And they are similar to the mattress that they are really thick. That's the different you can see. My original pillow (on top) and the NIGHSLEE pillow (on bottom).

    Dec 13, 2018 Stomach Sleeper Solo
  • Clint Swaniawski Verified Purchase

    From Arizona


    VERY VERY VERY PLEASED with these nighslee pillows. I bought 4 pillows from nighslee and they are supremely comfortalble, like unbelieve.

    The air gel cooling is an extra bonus. Will definitely try the mattress

    Dec 9, 2018 Side Sleeper Partner
  • Lacey Verified Purchase

    From Oregon

    SUPER comfy

    Relaxing on our amazing @nighslee bed ... Nina loves feeling baby brother move around in mommy’s belly!Thanks to @nighslee we will be sleeping SUPER comfy on the memory foam mattress and pillows

    Nov 7, 2018 Side Sleeper Partner
  • Cynthia Kutch Verified Purchase

    From Colorado

    Good for every size/weight sleepers

    Great mattress! I just hate it when a mattress gets uneven with time. Bought two Nighslee mattresses and have been using them for 6 months now. They both still look very new and have maintained their original shape. I am over 300 pounds, and there are no lumps on my mattress. I highly recommend them if you need extra back support.

    Aug 25, 2018 Stomach Sleeper Solo
  • Cynthia Hecter Verified Purchase

    From California

    A pillow with proven support

    I am a side sleeper. I had bought many pillows but still couldn’t relieve my neck pain until I met NIGHSLEE pillow. As a side sleeper who frequently switches sides throughout the night, I need a pillow that is supportive and consistent. From my previous experience, most of the shredded foam pillows failed. And the composition of the pillow is inconsistent, which results in there not being enough space between my head and my shoulder. And I have to re-adjust the stuff.
    HOWEVER I got no problem with this pillow. To demonstrate what I'm trying to say, I spent some time on the presentation. This is an idea I got from an Amazon reviewer. And I think this is a good idea to tell whether your pillow is support or not.
    My experience with NIGHSLEE was, my head sinked a bit but never reach the bottom. So it left enough space for my shoulder and neck. And the inner foams were well cut which helped to keep the shape. I mimicked the way that I switch sides and sleep on back. My first concern was the edge support. And it seemed that is not a challenge on NIGHSLEE.
    The above review was based on my personal experience. Hope it helps

    Aug 25, 2018 Side Sleeper Partner
  • Taylor Hackett Verified Purchase

    From Vermont

    This pillow keeps a good shape

    I bought one pillow on Amazon and one on Nighslee two weeks ago. And here is what I found. The one I bought on Amazon, after two weeks, was a bit flatter than Nighslee pillow. I’m gonna throw away the amazon pillow and buy another nighslee pillow

    Aug 23, 2018 Stomach Sleeper Solo
  • Riley Wilderman Verified Purchase

    From Massachusetts

    My girl felt asleep as soon as she slept on it.

    I bought a queen size mattress and two pillows on Nighslee. The mattress was very well made. No chemical smell and the firmness was JUST RIGHT! My girl felt asleep as soon as she slept on it.

    As for the pillow, I took out 50% of the shredded foam and it became a kids pillow while I took 20% of it for my own use. The only compliant for the pillow was I have to find a bag to keep the rest stuff when I do not need them.

    Aug 22, 2018 Stomach Sleeper Partner
  • Camila Reilly Verified Purchase

    From Arizona

    durable for use

    This mattress is a lifesaver after sleeping on an air mattress for the past 4 months. I had bought a memory foam mattress on a retail store before. And it was broken after 3montns.They did not offer sleep trial and rejected to refund. See the first picture
    I was concerned at first when I received Nighslee. I'm not sure whether NIGHSLEE can support enough or not. So I almost checked the foam every month. I'm surprised to find it still look very new and have maintained the original shape. See second and third pictures.
    Highly recommend this mattress to you

    Aug 21, 2018 Stomach Sleeper Solo
  • Barbara McKenzie Verified Purchase

    From Arkansas

    No more sweating when you sleep

    Excellent quality mattress! Works exactly as described! I bought a Nighslee mattress specifically for its temperature-regulating feature, and I have served me right every night. The mattress is so comfortable and has a thing with keeping temperatures just right. I instantly fall asleep and stay asleep all night. It gets very hot in my apartment most times, making it very hard to catch sleep. But my insomnia days are gone thanks to this mattress. I fall asleep almost immediately. And its contouring comfort is out of this world.

    Aug 18, 2018 Side Sleeper Solo